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Let us handle what we love
So you can focus on what you love

What we do:

Welcome to Ravenwood Accounting, where we bring life to numbers and translate financial data into a language that speaks volumes. Our slogan, "Numbers speak, we Translate," reflects our commitment to transforming the complexities of accounting into clear, actionable insights for your business.

At Ravenwood Accounting, our passion is completing and compiling financial data. We understand that, like us, you started your business out of love for what you do. Let our 25+ years of experience work for you while you continue pursuing your passion.

We recognize that accounting is often the last thing on a small business owner's mind, but we also know it's an indispensable aspect of your success. Without up-to-date books, you're left in the dark about your financial health—uncertain if you're making or losing money, unaware of your most significant expenses, and oblivious to potential savings.

Most importantly, you may not know the financial resources at your disposal for growth. Choosing Ravenwood for your accounting needs ensures you receive the best personal service available. We are dedicated to helping your business succeed by handling the numbers, allowing you to focus on what you love.

To succeed in business, you must be aware of your financial landscape. You need access to up-to-date financial information for making informed decisions on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. When you choose Ravenwood, you gain full access to your business's financial statements and records whenever you need them.

Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions about your business's growth, spending, and savings. With Ravenwood Accounting, you can navigate the financial terrain confidently, understanding that your success is our top priority. Let us be your partners in translating the language of numbers into a roadmap for your business's success.

Our Values:

At Ravenwood Accounting, we understand that entrusting your financial data to a service provider is a decision of utmost importance. We have established core values that reflect our commitment to excellence, integrity, and safeguarding your confidential information.


Experience is the cornerstone of our service. When it comes to handling personal and confidential financial information, we prioritize a wealth of experience. With over 25 years in accounting and tax preparation across various industries, including four years specializing in the trucking industry and two years in payroll, we bring a depth of knowledge that ensures precision and efficiency in our services.


In the realm of accounting, knowledge is paramount. Dealing with banks, government entities, and regulatory/taxing agencies demands a comprehensive understanding of regulations and processes. Our team possesses the expertise to compile information accurately, complete forms correctly, and ensure timely filings. By staying informed and keeping you updated, we save you from potential pitfalls such as wasted time and financial penalties.


Accuracy is non-negotiable in accounting. Mistakes in bookkeeping and tax reporting can lead to poor decision-making, errors in tax filings, and fines from federal and state entities. We are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date information, empowering you to make informed decisions that positively impact your company's financial health.


Security is a top priority for us, recognizing the sensitivity of the financial information you entrust to us. We implement a multi-point encryption system, employ technological hardware barriers, and follow secure document handling procedures to shield your data from hackers and malicious intent. Rest assured, your financial information is handled with the utmost care and diligence.

At Ravenwood Accounting, these values are not just principles on paper; they guide our every action. We are committed to delivering a service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, ensuring the security, accuracy, knowledge, and experience you deserve in managing your financial affairs.

About The CEO 

Meet Samara Ritter: CEO and Owner of Ravenwood Accounting.

As an accounting professional I've dedicated over 25 years to the dynamic and rewarding world of accounting and taxation. For me, accounting isn't just a profession; it's a passion that I've nurtured since the beginning of my career.

My journey began in 1998 when I joined forces with my father, immersing myself in the intricacies of accounting. Through the years of working side by side, I developed a deep appreciation for the consistency and challenges that accounting presents, finding joy even in tasks that others may consider mundane. This journey continued until 2009 when I took on the responsibility of managing his business until 2014.

In 2017, my entrepreneurial spirit led my husband and me to embark on a new venture—a trucking company. In this role, I served as the Chief Financial Officer, overseeing all aspects of accounting, payroll, and taxes until September 2020 when we successfully sold the business. Anticipating this transition, a year before the sale, I founded EDIC, a virtual paperless accounting firm, setting the stage for my continued dedication to the accounting profession.

In 2023, I took the bold step of rebranding and establishing Ravenwood Accounting, marking a new chapter in my professional journey. Located in Greeley, Colorado, Ravenwood Accounting combines years of experience, a commitment to excellence, and a passion for helping businesses thrive.

My educational background includes an Associate's Degree in Accounting from Lamar Community College and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Regent University, where I graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors. As a testament to my commitment to excellence, I am a proud member of the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society, the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers, and the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

I hold the esteemed title of Certified Public Bookkeeper through the NACPB, and my expertise extends to being a QuickBooks certified bookkeeper and a QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor. These certifications reflect my dedication to staying at the forefront of industry best practices to better serve the needs of Ravenwood Accounting's clients.

As the owner of Ravenwood Accounting, I am driven by a genuine passion for helping businesses succeed by providing comprehensive and innovative accounting solutions. I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to financial success.

Picture of Owner of Ravenwood Accounting
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